Rev Power Steering Fluid

Rev Power Steering Fluid Product Rev Power Steering Fluid
Part # R460, R461, R462, R463, R565
Type System Management
Engine N/A
Description Conditioner and stabilizer
Mixes perfectly with factory fluids
(Including Honda and VW I Audi)
Problem Symptom
Low power steering fluid, or replacement of system fluid
Small leaks or to renew fluids anti foaming properties
  • Contains special additives to reduce foaming, corrosion, squealing and pump wear
  • Revitalizes the pliability of seals to eliminate and prevent recurring leaks
With engine off, add to power steering fluid reservoir as necessary, to maintain correct fluid level.
Characteristics - Will meet or exceed the following performance requirements
  • Reduces foaming, pump squeal and conditions fluid.
  • Detergent action additives to keep power systems clean and stabilizer additives to reduce bearing, piston and valve noise and wear.
  • Makes steering easier, quieter, smoother, non foaming and non corrosive.

350ml 12 bottles per case 10 LBS. / Case  
500 ml 12 bottles per case 13 Lbs. / Case  
1 L 12 bottles per case 35 Lbs. / Case  
3.78 L 4 bottles per case 35 Lbs. / Case  
18.9 L Pail 41 Lbs. / Pail  

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